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The Green Campaign is…

Green Campaign Living Healthy and Staying Fit

The Green Campaign is about living healthy and staying fit… it is about making smart choices for your health today and for future generations. Eating right, getting fit, emotional wellness, respecting the environment and disease prevention are all part of a healthy lifestyle for you!

Foundation Dining Services launched The Green Campaign to educate and promote the enhancement of the health of the campus community, California and the world by promoting healthy choices and smart ways to live well.

The Green Campaign is Good For You, Good For California and Good for Mother Earth!

Good For You

By providing a variety of healthy food choices we can combat obesity and other diet related diseases. This will allow students to establish good eating habits and a healthful lifestyle which will pay off as the years unfold.

Good For California

We have been partnering with California Grown for over three years to emphasize our strong ties to the land and to our neighbors; to restore pride in our homegrown products and our work; and to help our economy and our Californian way of life.

Good For Mother Earth

Promoting recycling and the use of recycled paper products and eliminating the use of &to–go& packaging with CFCs will benefit the environment. By purchasing seasonal, local produce and locally produced baked goods, we can obtain fresher and often healthier foods which supports the nearby economy and reduces the environmental impacts of transporting food.