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Aaron P. Neilson
Dining Services
Aaron P. Neilson
Dining Services Director

Southern California native Aaron Neilson obtained his degree in Culinary Arts at Western Culinary Institute and in Business Administration at Strayer University in Washington DC. Aaron has worked on several college campuses since 1992, including the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Loyola Marymount University, The Claremont Colleges, Chapman University, and the University of La Verne. Aaron resides with his wife and daughters in Alta Loma.

Oscar Villnueva
Dining Services
Oscar Villanueva, Senior Food & Beverage Manager/Catering



Patrick McCoy
Los Olivos
Patrick McCoy, Operations Manager, Los Olivos Residential Dining

Patrick has been involved in campus dining for 22 great years. He worked 17 years in Residential Dining at UC Irvine and Pomona College in Claremont. He has also provided management support, merchandising, and culinary program training from New Mexico to San Francisco. Patrick has provided ServeSafe certification training to dozens of foodservice people. He was the Purchasing Manager/Systems Administrator for Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Dining Services from 2001-2004.
Patrick has lived in The O.C. for 38 years and still enjoys living close to the ocean. He has a strong passion for Campus Dining, especially Residential. According to Patrick, “There is no other industry that is more challenging, rewarding, exciting and ever changing.”

Arnold Zavalza
Los Olivos
Arnold Zavalza, Executive Chef, Los Olivos

Arnold attended Mount San Antonio Community College as a Hotel/Motel Administration Management major. He has been an Executive Chef for 24 years and has worked in 4 and 5 Star Diamond Award establishments, including Industry Hills Sheraton and Water Grill in downtown Los Angeles. One of his favorite specialties is Roasted Chilean Sea Bass on a Bed of Spinach, served with Rissolé Potatoes and Tomato Chardonnay Sauce. He currently resides in Walnut and enjoys windsurfing, hiking, bicycling, and tending his koifishpond.

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Los Olivos
Eric Duvall, Catering Manager, Los Olivos


Cody Medina
Denny's Diner
Cody Medina, Service Manager
Denny's & Vista Market
Bronco Commons


Sandy Cain
Dining Services
Sandy Cain, Assistant Director - Retail Dining



Joanne Casey
Dining Services
Joanne Casey, Francise Manager, Dining Services

Joanne graduated from Mount San Antonio Community College with a degree in Commercial Art. She has been employed at Cal Poly Pomona since 1994. Her interests include camping, fishing, her grandchildren, and still talking to her sisters. Joanne resides with her husband of 40 years.


Bob Baltierra
Dining Services
Bob Baltierra, Pony Express Manager, Campus Center Marketplace and CLA

Before coming to Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc., Bob worked 17 years in food service, 10 years as a manager in various restaurants, and 5 1/2 years as a sales representative for Foothill Beverage Company. He enjoys spending time with his family, listening to classic rock ‘n’ roll, and watching movies. He also likes all sports, especially football and baseball. Bob is very pleased to be working at Cal Poly Pomona!


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Store Manager


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Round Table Piza
Yvonne Ortiz, Operations Floor Supervisor
Round Table Pizza


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Dining Services
Jennifer Waggener, Manager
Einstein’s Bagel
909-879-6005 Fax
909-869-6006 wall phone by counter


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Dining Services
Rosa Morales, Manager
CBA C-Store
909-879-6005 Fax


Donna Bebensee
Dining Services
Donna Bebensee, Office Systems Manager