vonne Gama

Employee Profile


Round Table Pizza Manager

Job Description:

 Leading, inspiring, and overseeing the restaurant and team. I am 

responsible for ensuring employees are developing, working professionally and 

together as a team, providing great service to our guests, and making our product 

with precision.

Length of Employment:

 5 years

What I like about my job:

 The people I get to work with—so many amazing, 

talented, and beautiful people.

Length of commute:

 30 miles    

I have a talent for ... 

Special effects makeup. I enjoy creating beautiful monsters.

My biggest challenge:

 Time. There is not enough time for everything I would like to 

accomplish and absorb in a day.

My biggest achievement:

 Yet to come … I’m working on my MBA and certification in 


Favorite childhood memory:

 Traveling to the east coast with friends for our middle 

school class trip.

Favorite food on campus: 

Custom veggie pizza or sub.

No one would ever guess:

 I’ve been a vegetarian since 1992.

On weekends, I love to ... 

enjoy time with family and friends.


Yvonne and her daughter 

Yvonne and the RTP team

Yvonne and RTP colleague 

Richard Machado