Lanterman Property Officially Transferred to 

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona has officially taken ownership of the 

land that was once the Lanterman Developmental 

Center, which closed in December 2014. The official 

transfer of the property to the California State 

University was announced by President Soraya M. 

Coley in a letter sent to members of the community 

in early July.

“I am excited about the extraordinary opportunities 

for education, economic development and enhanced 

quality of life,” Coley said in the letter.

The property has been named Campus South, and in 

early July, a sign featuring its new title was installed 

at the Pomona Boulevard entrance. 

However, planning for the site cannot begin until 

the State Historical Preservation Review has been 

completed. According to Coley, the review is 

expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“Developing Campus South will be a long-term 

process that will require much thought and discussion from all stakeholders,” Coley said.

Prior to the official transfer, the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation marketing department created an informative video about the 

property and the myriad benefits that it would give the university and local community. This video was shown to the Cal 

State University Board of Trustees during a meeting in May. To view the video, please visit 



The Daily Bulletin newspaper recently published an article regarding the transfer of the property. To view the article, please 




The new “Campus South” sign was installed at the 

Pomona Boulevard entrance in early July.