Jintong Students Host BBQ for University Village

In mid-April of this year, the College of the Extended 

University at Cal Poly Pomona hosted a visiting delegation of 

47 representatives from 18 different Chinese universities and 

colleges organized by Beijing Guanghuijintong Education and 

Technology Co. Ltd. (Jintong). Through Jintong, these universities 

and colleges are sending three consecutive groups of Chinese 

university students to participate in the 16-week Aviation 

Hospitality Program at Cal Poly English Language Institute from 

fall 2015 to summer 2016. 

Shortly after the first group of Jintong students arrived at the 

University Village, they decided to host a BBQ dinner for the 

University Village Resident Advisors (RAs) and their operational 

staff. Before the BBQ, the RAs formed a “welcome tunnel” for 

the Jintong students when they entered the Village Recreation 


“The manmade tunnel was very impressive,” says Lisa Xue, 

Director of Global Education Programs from the College of the 

Extended University. “Our students were touched.”

During the BBQ, all of the University Village RAs mingled with the 

Jintong students as “conversation partners.” Following dinner, 

the Jintong students put together a talent show. The RAs also 

prepared a few performances and joined in a dance called Little 

Apple at the end. 

“[I would like] to express our GREAT appreciation to … the entire 

Village team for all your support!” says Howard E. Evans, Ph.D., 

Dean of the College of the Extended University and International 

Center.  “I heard that all our Jintong students had a wonderful 

time and it was certainly a great way to get them introduced to 

everyone at the Village.”

While the Jintong students are here, they will study the English 

language, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and international 

etiquette. The students are supposed to become professionals in 

the aviation industry after graduation from their universities and 

colleges in China.