University Village Roundup

September has proved itself to be a busy and exciting month 

for Village staff and residents! 

Right at the end of August, the University Village welcomed 

a group of 104 students who are part of the Jintong Aviation 

and Hospitality Program. These students will be living in our 

Phase 1 apartments for the year while they learn English and 

study their trade. The Jintong staff hosted a large welcome 

mixer event for their students and Village staff at the 

beginning of September and everyone who attended had a 

lot of fun spending the evening eating, dancing, and getting 

to know each other.

During September, we also had our three week training 

process for our new student leader staff. Our student leaders 

spent each day learning the information and skills needed 

to be successful in their 

positions all while growing 

together and bonding 

as a team. Among other 

topics, our student staff 

learned about how to 

mediate conflicts, how to 

program, basic counseling 

skills, and more! One of the 

highlights for the student 

staff was when Debbi 

McFall, the Emergency 

Services Coordinator for 

Cal Poly Pomona, came to teach the staff about emergency 

preparedness and brought the Pomona Fire Department with 

them. The Fire Department taught the student staff how to 

use fire extinguishers and each student leader got to practice 

the skills by putting out a small controlled fire! It was exciting!

After months of planning and preparing for our fall move-in 

day, the University Village staff welcomed our academic year 

residents over a two day move-in process. Residents who 

lived with us last 

year were allowed to 

move in a day earlier 

than our brand new 

residents. Over the 

two days, Village 

staff checked in 

approximately 1,200 

residents! Some 

residents and their 

families provided us 

with great feedback about the quality customer service they 

were offered by staff and about how smooth and efficient the 

check-in process was.

To close out our move-in process, we hosted our annual 

Kick-Off Classic event to welcome our new residents. This 

year, the event was called “909 Street Market” and was 

modeled after the popular “626 Night Market” in Arcadia. 

Approximately twenty different booths and stations were set 

up in the parking lot by our basketball court where residents 

were able to get food (including food from Qdoba, Subway, 

Round Table Pizza, the Farm Store, and Cha for Tea), ask 

questions, buy and make crafts, and more! At last year’s Kick-

Off Classic, we had approximately 176 residents sign in at the 

event. This year, we 

had approximately 

350 residents 

attend, more than 

doubling last year’s 

attendance! It was a 

lot of fun and a great 

way for staff and 

residents to bond 

and connect.

Now that residents are all checked in, University Village staff 

are excited to get started with the new year!