Affordable Housing Program Experiences Growth

Foundation Real Estate is seeing growth in its Affordable Housing Program. Four 

homes (and possibly a fifth) are currently being sold to incoming Cal Poly Pomona 

faculty. Offering an affordable option for new faculty and staff members coming 

from out of state is exactly what the program is designed to accomplish. 

“2015 marks the 11th year since the inception of the faculty/staff housing program 

at Cal Poly Pomona where its mission to create affordable housing in the local 

community has had a positive impact on attracting and retaining high quality faculty 

and staff,” said Foundation Real Estate Manager Randy A. Wallace Jr. 

With eight closed escrows in the last fiscal year, the real estate department has doubled the number of escrows closing 

each year since 2009. This is the largest growth the program has seen in seven years.

For more information about the Affordable Housing Program, visit 


 or call 909.979.5555.

Real Estate Director Participates in Professional 
Association Panel

Foundation Real Estate Director Sandra Vaughan-Acton 

recently participated in an Institute of Real Estate 

Management (IREM) asset-management luncheon and 

roundtable panel in Costa Mesa, CA. The event drew 

around 150 real estate professionals and featured Southern 

California leaders discussing a number of management-

related topics, including the relationship between the asset 

manager and property manager. 

Chris Hite, president of Coreland Cos., moderated the panel, 

which included Angela Kralovec, asset manager of BlackRock; 

Charlie Russo, senior asset manager of Laurus Corp.; Jack 

Loughridge, VP of CapRock Partners; and, as previously 

mentioned, Sandra Vaughan-Acton, director of real estate 

development for the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation.

To open the event, each panelist discussed the areas in 

which they spend a majority of their time. The speakers 

offered diverse answers. For instance, Sandra said she 

focuses on supporting 

the mission of the 

institution, while 

Charlie Russo 

concentrates on 

renovation needs and 

project pro forma 

business plans.

The panel continued 

to talk about pertinent 

topics while offering 

their experiences and knowledgeable opinions. For instance, 

while discussing the ideal qualities of a property manager, 

Sandra stated that a good property manager should act and 

perform as if they own the building. 

For more information about the IREM asset-management 

event, please visit 


from left: Chris Hite, Angela Kralovec, 

Charlie Russo, Sandra Vaughan-Acton 

and Jack Loughridge.