Parking Fees Increase






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Due to the increase in costs 

to maintain and enforce the 

existing parking facilities on 

campus and the construction of 

Parking Structure 2, Parking and 

Transportation Services will be 

increasing the parking rates by 

about 13.6% ($16 per quarter), 

effective October 1, 2015. What 

this means for full-time employees 

is the amount paid each paycheck for parking will increase from $19.66 

to $22.33. The quarterly rate will increase from $118 to $134, quarterly 

motorcycle rates will increase from $47 to $53, and daily rates will increase 

by $1.

Path Near Kellogg West 

Now Open

If you noticed the closed pathway running alongside 

Kellogg West to Camphor Lane, there is good news! 

The pathway is open once again for public use! The 

path, which comes out right behind Campus Center 

Marketplace, was recently upgraded with new metal 

handrails and lighting. Although there are still a few 

minor repairs that need to be done, the path is open 

and ready, just in time for the fall quarter rush.