ichole Klepach

Employee Profile


Lead person at Innovation Brew Works

Job Description:

 I help out on the floor making pizzas. I also help in the office, set up 

reservations for special catering events, and much more.

Length of Employment:

  I have been working here since November 2014.

What I like about my job:

 I really enjoy helping out the customers and making their 

experience here great!

Career goal:

 I’ve always loved photography so I’d like to have my own photography 

business and sell my own photos. I’d also like to go into marketing because I feel I could tie 

in my photography skills there.

Length of commute:

 I live in Pomona so I’m about 15 minutes away from work.

I have a talent for ... 

making salsa!

My biggest challenge:

 Right now my biggest challenge is paying for school, but I think I 

can make it work!

My biggest achievement:

 My biggest achievement was being president of a club in high 


Favorite childhood memory:

 When I was younger I used to go to Disneyland almost every 

weekend with my dad and my cousin, so whenever I look back on those days, I remember 

how fun it was. I wish I could still do that!

Favorite food on campus: 

Innovation Brew Works pizza of course!

No one would ever guess ... 

that I collect key chains!

On weekends, I love to ... 

take my sisters shopping or going on hikes so I can take 

pictures of nature.


Nichole with a candied apple.

Nichole with her friend.

Nichole with the IBW team.