Bronco Bookstore Announcements

It’s crunch time! 

The Bronco Bookstore is in the midst of getting ready for fall rush which is right around the corner. Between cleaning 

shelves, dusting racks, and organizing, our shipping and receiving department is busy processing an influx of books and 

supplies while our textbook department is taking care of last minute orders and rectifying any issues. Add to the mix new 

student hires in both customer service and cashiering, and you’ve got a hustling, bustling bookstore right now!

Just a reminder that staff can use the Foundation payroll deduction/employee purchase program to buy computers at the 

Bronco Bookstore.  It’s basically a no-interest loan, so we encourage you to drop by and check out the amazing selection 

of computers and phones we have to offer.

Bronco Bookstore Prepares for Fall Quarter

Foundation Payroll Deduction Reminder