New Brewing Class Introduced Through the 

College of Extended University

A new brewing class offered through the College of 

Extended University was introduced in early August 

for home brewers and those wanting to get involved 

with the professional brewing industry. The class, 

titled The Science and Art of Brewing, was held for 

four consecutive Saturdays and was taught by Owen 

Williams, owner of Ritual Brewing Company in Redlands.

From single-step infusion to multi-step decoction, from 

stein bier to high-gravity brewing, students studied 

various techniques needed for brewing both ales 

and lagers. The students received valuable hands-on 

experiences as they were able to produce beer in a 15 

gallon system at Innovation Brew Works. 

In addition, the course provided a brief history of 

brewing, its origins, formulations of recipes to style 

of beer, and a detailed understanding of brewing 

equipment, malts, grains, hops, and water chemistry. 

Students also studied brewing ingredients, brewing 

terminology, traditional beer styles of various countries, 

beer component evaluation, beer and food pairing, 

proper service of each beer style, and career options in 

the brewing industry.

This course was for students 21 and older. For future 

brewing courses, visit