Foundation Cosponsors Credit Union’s 

CPP Painting Event

On Wednesday, August 26, the Cal Poly Federal 

Credit Union, along with members of the Foundation 

and university community, painted the iconic CPP 

letters atop the hill on the northwestern part of 

campus. The letters were painted a vivid blue in 

honor of the Credit Union.

Painting the CPP letters is a tradition celebrated by 

many Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, staff, and 

organizations. These letters are often painted a color 

that represents that particular group.

Cosponsored by the Foundation, the Marketing 

Department represented the Foundation and 

participated in the activities organized by the 

Credit Union. Marketing Director Edwin Santiago, 

Webmaster Alex Hernandez, Marketing Assistant 

Amanda Therrien, and Marketing Coordinators 

Darren Isomoto and Lily Ly hiked up the hill around 

9:00 a.m. to help paint the CPP letters. 

Before traveling up the steep hill toward the eminent 

letters, all participants were greeted with ice-cold 

water, fruit, and snacks courtesy of Foundation 

Dining Services. 

After the CPP letters were transformed into a rich 

blue hue for the Credit Union, the group gathered 

their painting supplies and posed for a group photo 

before departing.

Visit the Cal Poly Pomona Facebook page to view a 

time-lapse video of the team painting the letters: 


The Foundation Marketing Department helped the Credit Union 

paint the CPP letters.

The group posed for a picture after the CPP letters were complete.

The Marketing team in the midst of painting.