Lights, Camera, ACTION!

While Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) awaits the 

results of the State Historic Preservation 

review to begin master planning for 

CPP Campus South, the Foundation is 

assisting the university with contracting for 

maintenance and security as well as with 

generation of income. 

CPP Campus South is the site of the former 

Lanterman Developmental Center, a 

hospital and rehabilitative center that was 

home to almost 14,000 residents over its 

87 years of existence. The facility officially 

shut down in December 2014 and was 

transferred to the California State University 

several months later. 

On behalf of the university, the Foundation 

teamed up with RSI Locations, Inc. to use 

CPP Campus South as a location for the entertainment production industry. As of July 1, the efforts already paid off; 

a pilot production filmed on site during the last week of July for an Amazon production called Highston. According to 


Highston is a half-hour, coming-of-age comedy written by Bob Nelson, directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie 

Faris, and executive produced by Sacha Baron Cohen.

There were approximately 250 people on site and four areas of the property were used for the production. The 

directors, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, were very complimentary of their experience on the site. The Foundation 

was proud to present the directors with a gift basket from the Farm Store once they called “wrap” in celebration of the 

first production on site as CPP Campus South. 

CPP Campus South offers many different types of environments for filming needs, including warehouse space 

for set construction and long-term staging. The site is approximately 300 acres of land comprised of a hospital, 

institutional housing, agricultural land, a single-family neighborhood, craftsman-style houses, and various California 

historical homes. The property also includes secure roads, industrial buildings, basements, food preparation facilities, 

warehouses, a power plant, workshops, recreational facilities, an elementary school, and a nine-acre rustic camp.

Those in the filming industry who are interested in CPP Campus South are encouraged to visit 



for more information and to view pictures of the site. 

The above picture is of the star trailers that were moved onto 

CPP Campus South for the Amazon production called Highston.

CPP Campus South Is Used for Film Production