Remodeling Commences at Kellogg West

Kellogg West Conference Center & Hotel is in the 

process of updating all of its guestrooms. So far, one 

model room in the Woodview building is complete 

with a new color palette and modern style.

The newly refurbished hotel room has shed its 

former burgundy color scheme in exchange for an 

array of soft neutrals and natural wooden accents, 

giving the overall ambiance a more contemporary 

feel. New wooden architectural beams have been 

installed around the beds for both visual interest 

and functionality as two recessed lights in the top 

beam help brighten up the room. For even more 

convenience, a new clock radio with a smartphone 

dock has been installed. Furthermore, Kellogg 

West has also updated all of the furniture, artwork, 

carpet, headboards, bedding, lighting fixtures, 

and curtains.

The bathroom has also been updated with a new 

faucet, countertop, lighting fixture, towel rack, and 


All of the hotel rooms in the Woodview building will 

be renovated first before Kellogg West moves on to 

the Hillside building.