Innovation Brew Works Introduces New Items

Craving Innovation Brew Works? Come in and try their new items! 

The latest pizza creation introduced to the menu is called The Bubba, made with pizza 

sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, jalapeños, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, and topped with 


If you’re longing for something sweet instead, the new cinnamon sugar puffs are the perfect 

choice! Tossed in a mix of cinnamon and sugar, these bite-size treats are served with sweet icing for dipping.

Their new Strawberry Cobbler a la mode is made with fresh strawberries tossed in sugar and balsamic vinegar 

and topped with Innovation Brew Works’ homemade crumb topping. This delectable dessert can be enhanced 

with Dr. Bob’s vanilla bean ice cream. Delicious!

To view the full Innovation Brew Works menu, visit 


Foundation’s Bronco Channel Giveaway was a 

Huge Success!

The Foundation’s Bronco Channel Giveaway for freshmen and transfer 

orientation was an enormous success! The Foundation participated 

in all 15 orientation fairs throughout the summer to promote 

BroncoChannel.com, a student-friendly website that highlights all of the 

Foundation’s services. 

To encourage students to sign up, an iPad and laptop were provided 

at orientation so they can register on the spot. They also had the 

opportunity to sign up on their own on the website. 

The Foundation received a total of 1,915 signups for the 

Bronco Channel Giveaway!

These 1,915 participants have the chance to win an Apple iWatch, Beats headphones, or a $100 bronco gift card. 

Winners will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for updates by visiting