On the Thursday prior to Halloween, Innovation Brew Works hosted a Halloween themed trivia night as 

well as released their new and improved Pumpkinfest Ale. The Pumpkinfest Ale boasts notes of roasted 

pumpkins, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. The brewers at IBW seeped the finished batch of beer over 

freshly ground Espresso Republic Coffee, which imparted rich coffee notes into the beer.  

A limited supply is left on hand so be sure to stop by to enjoy a glass before it is gone!

Innovation Brew Works has introduced “Steal the Glass” events! Customers now have the option of 

purchasing new glassware that is released in conjunction with the release of a new beer. The glassware is 

sold at a deeply discounted price with the purchase of the beer that is being released.  The last two “Steal 

the Glass” events have been a success and all featured glassware sold out.  To find out about great events at 

IBW, follow their social media pages. 

The innovative brew team at IBW has designed and built a new bottling system. This new bottling line has 

quadrupled the speed at which they are able to bottle beer.  It has also greatly improved the carbonation 

levels in the bottles.  In addition to the beers that have been previously bottled, Pumpkinfest Ale, Collins 

Cream Ale, and Luther Holt IPA are now being offered. Bottles can currently be found at Innovation Brew 

Works, Farm Store and Round Table Pizza. 

Innovation Brew Works Happenings 

Halloween Trivia Night

Steal the Glass

New Bottling System at IBW