All Hands Meeting

November 29, 2017      


 Andromeda Suites at BSC      | 

     8:00 a.m.

David Prenovost, CFO and Senior Managing Director

• Welcomed the group to the fall All Hands Meeting

• Board meeting took place yesterday and all resolutions were passed

• 3 audits are taking place 

• Foundation’s Biennial Report coming soon 

• Financial and Employment Services Focus Group Meeting 12/12/17 at KW

• Anne McLoughlin is retiring 1/17/18

• Foundation bereavement policy has been changed from 1 paid day to 5 paid days 

• Introduced new staff member Kenton Tse

• Introduced Board Member Vice Chair, Danielle Manning, VP Administrative Affairs

• Board of Directors will take a tour of the Lanterman as requested by President Coley 

• A search committee for Paul’s replacement will be formed after the first of the year per President Coley who 

responded to a Board Member’s question at the meeting yesterday

Clint Aase, Director of Bronco Bookstore

• Fall quarter is going well for the Bronco Bookstore

• Newly remodeled store

• Alumni, Parents, Faculty and Staff Holiday Mixer was very successful

• On budget for the year 

Aaron Neilson, Director of Dining Services

• Dining Services is expected to make budget this year

• Completed a reorganization of staff 

• New dining commons coming  in 2019

• The 5-year Dining Services Master Plan approved in October 2017

• Now preparing for semester conversion

• Starbucks is doing very well and will be expanded on campus 

David Laxamana, Director of Foundation Housing

• Full occupancy

• Village is on track with budget and controlling expenses

• Introduced new staff; Sean Gomez

• Student leader hiring process went well

• Working with Veteran Resource Center in the future

• Residential experience survey has begun 

• Students move out in a few weeks