inos Ting

Employee Profile

Job title: 

Operations & Student Services Coordinator - CPELI 

Length of employment: 

Three months

I have a talent for… 

washing dishes willingly and joyfully, without being asked.

No one would ever guess … 

that I lived in three countries growing up. I am pretty “Americanized.”

What’s your biggest accomplishment? 

So far, rearranging my office and putting up Christmas decorations! 

In life, finishing grad school in London.

What’s your biggest challenge?

 Right now, balancing life. Keeping in touch and spending time with family 

and friends amidst responsibilities.

What’s your favorite movie?

 Since Christmas is coming up, I’ll mention my favorite Christmas movie: “Elf”

What’s your favorite song? 

Usually, beautiful violin solos and choral pieces, although I love all kinds of 


What are your hobbies?

 Reading, exploring new places, playing music, knitting, and spending quality time 

with friends over coffee, good food and/or sweet treats. 

What’s on your bucket list?  

To visit Boston and D.C. I’ve been to several countries, but haven’t traveled in 

the U.S. as much. I’d love to see more of it!

If you could meet any public figure, living or departed, who would it be and why?

 C.S. Lewis. He was a very 

intelligent and imaginative person, and valued highly the role of imagination in intellectual life – and this is 

someone who taught at both Cambridge and Oxford. I’d love to sit over coffee with him, listen to him talk 

and ask him all sorts of questions.

What was your favorite childhood TV show? 

Darkwing Duck” – although I don’t remember any of it.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

 Australia. Growing up, there 

were three places I absolutely wanted to travel to/live in. So far, I have been to two of them and Australia is 

the last one.