CPELI Student Highlight: Arturo Deliser

Panamanian student Arturo Deliser is a student at CPELI 

studying English at Cal Poly Pomona. Aside from his 

interest in the English language, he is a competitive athlete 

and is currently on the national running team for Panama. 

His interest in English stems from his dream of being able 

to teach English in his home country. 

“Cal Poly has filled me with more confidence and I feel 

comfortable here,” says Arturo.

Arturo’s passion for running has given him the opportunity 

to compete in more than 14 different countries. His 

favorite part about running is that it gives him the ability 

to relax and disconnect.

His favorite events are the 100-meter dash and 200-meter 

dash sprint. His preferred event is the 200-meter dash 

because he finds himself most comfortable with the 


Arturo’s fastest time for the 200-meter dash is 21.11  

seconds. This time qualifies him to try out for the Tokyo 

2020 Olympics in 2019. His current goal is to be able to 

compete in the 2020 Olympics.

As far as academics go, he hopes to transfer to a Division I 

school (preferably Florida State University or the University 

of Southern California) where he will earn his degree in 

either English or Marketing. 

Arturo’s other hobbies include being active in his church, 

watching soccer and listening to music. He also loves 

spending time with his family as well as enjoying his 
mother’s cooking.