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SMTP Security Instructions- Outlook 2000
SMTP Security Instructions- Outlook Express 5 and 6
SMTP Security Instuctions- Outlook 2000-Corporate Edition revised
SMTP SecurityInstruction- Outlook XP

For any additional questions please contact the University Village IT student assistant by using the IT Workorder Form.

Please read our policy concerning Network Routers. This policy is on page 3 of the University Village license agreement.  You can view the full license agreement by downloading it from our Forms and Document section.

University Village offers connection (Shared Ethernet or modem) from the apartment facilities to the California State University Network (4CNet) via the campus network (CCPNet). The purpose of this connection is to enhance and support the educational experience of the student by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and information.

The services and facilities are designed to provide reliable individual access to the campus network, electronic mail, and the Internet. They are not designed for experimentation with network protocols, running of experimental networks/servers or providing of such services to outside entities or individuals or other functions that might compromise the quality and integrity of services.

The use of devices designed to provide wireless access to the CPP network is prohibited and will like result in suspension of CPP network access. The policy in its entirety and regular updates can be found at the Enterprise Computing web site at or in the Computers and Technology Acceptable Use Policy Web Page.  This policy is subject to change without notice, but in accordance with University policy. The policy (current at the time of printing) will be in the Village Handbook for reference.

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