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Maintenance Work Order

Before you submit a work order, please read below.

Recently, we have received numerous work orders for items that cannot be handled by our maintenance staff. In order to expedite maintenance service, please be sure to observe the following when submitting work orders. 

Please DO submit maintenance work orders for the following:

  • Repair of supplied appliances such as the refrigerator, water heater, or air conditioner.
  • Leaks or clogs of your toilets, showers, or sinks. Please note that a charge may apply for clogs due to improper disposal of waste.
  • Broken or damaged furniture, fixtures, or any other permanent part of your apartment.  

Please DO NOT submit work orders for the following:

  • Replacement of consumable items such as vacuum bags or standard light bulbs. These items are available at the Main Office.
  • Problems with your Ethernet connection. Please submit an IT Work order via our website.
  • Problems with your living room cable service. Please contact Time Warner directly at 866-886-7282 to arrange service.
  • Repair of non-provided devices such as microwaves, televisions, or other personal appliances.  

When you submit a work order, please explain your issue in detail so that our maintenance staff can address your issue promptly and accurately.  

Finally, please be sure to notify us immediately if you notice any item on the Village grounds that is in need of repair.

To submit a worker please click the button below or the following link: Manager Plus. Your username and password are your ID number and Pin number respectively.

Submit a maintenance work order. Click here to submit.

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