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Welcome To Foundation Dining Services

Please support Foundation owned and operated venuesDining Calendar

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Eat Well is here to provide a variety of dining options. Whether your goal may be to gain muscle, lose weight, or gain energy, CPP Dining has you covered with delicious and accessible options. Eat Well Information at CPP

Presidential Order on Use of Foundation Services & Central Support Resources

CPP faculty and staff ARE required to use Foundation services (including the bookstore, food service, catering or campus lodging) for all state or Foundation business. The CPPF HAS the sole right to waive this agreement on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances of the event...

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Top Ten Reasons to Use Campus Catering

  1. INVESTING IN OURSELVES: Buying on campus helps support on-campus programs, services, and infrastructure.
  2. OPTIONS: Various catering options are available for any size group, and any order can be customized to meet specific needs.
  3. AWARD WINNING: Foundation Dining Services manages award-winning venues.
  4. EASY TO ORDER: The online ordering system is easy to use or one can simply call to place an order.
Top Ten Reasons - more

Useful Software

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