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Meal Plan FAQs

How does my meal plan work?

Residents living on campus may choose from the following meal plans:
  1. The Unlimited Plan (unlimited non-transferrable access to meals at the residential dining facility. No Dining Dollars included)
  2. The All-Access Plan (unlimited non-transferrable access to meals at the residential dining facility and $250 Dining Dollars per semester)
  3. The 220 (Block of 220 all-access meal swipes plus $630 Dining Dollars per semester)
  4. The 180 (Block of 180 all-access meal swipes plus $630 Dining Dollars per semester)
  5. The 140 (Block of 140 all-access meal swipes plus $630 Dining Dollars per semester)
For residents living at the Suites, the following plan is also available:
  1. Suites Flex Plan* (Block of 70 all-access meal swipes plus $750 Dining Dollars per semester)

How do I access my meal plan?

Your Meal Plan membership will be loaded onto you Bronco ID card. You can tap or swipe your Bronco ID at any of our dining locations. Forget your card? Use your virtual ID on your mobile device by logging in here:, just scan and go! You can even wave your hand to enter Centerpointe Dining Commons by enrolling in the Morphowave system at the front desk!

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Bronco Bucks?

Dining Dollars are similar to a prepaid debit card and can be used at any food venue on campus. One Dining Dollar is equivalent to one US dollar. Dining Dollars are included with the mandatory Residential Suites Flex Plan, All Access Unlimited Plan, and 220, 180, 140 block plans for the residence halls. These plans generally come bundled with your housing contract. Dining Dollars are for food purchases only and are not accepted for books, supplies, clothing, movie tickets, printing on campus, or any other non-food items.

Additionally, select vending machines on campus accept Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars carry over from the fall to spring semester as long as your University Housing Services account is in good standing. Unused Dining Dollars expire at the end of the spring semester and are non-refundable.

Using Bronco Bucks is a fast, convenient and cashless way to make purchases on campus. Bronco Bucks work similar to a regular bank debit account, and any student, staff, or faculty member (or parent/guardian) can add Bronco Bucks to their Bronco Access Card (Cal Poly Pomona ID card) without having a meal plan or in addition to a meal plan. You simply deposit money into your account and these funds may be spent using your Bronco Access Card at any food venue, convenience store, select vending machines, the Bronco Bookstore, computer labs, ASI Box Office and for printing and copying at the library and help desk. Bronco Bucks never expire as long as you are an active student, faculty or staff member, or emeritus. Dining Dollars cannot be converted into Bronco Bucks.

Keep in mind, if you have both Dining Dollars and Bronco Bucks, be sure to let the cashier know which account you would like to use to make your purchase.

When does my Meal Plan refresh with Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars?

The block Meal Plans replenish at the beginning of each semester. It is important to note that the unused meals do not roll over from semester to semester.

Dining Dollars, however, are replenished at the beginning of each semester and roll over from the fall to the spring semester. Unused points at the end of the spring semester are forfeited.

How do I use Swipes?

Meal swipes are used primarily for meals at Centerpointe Dining Commons, but our innovative Meal Exchange program adds a great deal of flexibility and value to certain meal plans. Meal swipes are non-transferrable, meaning only the meal plan member is eligible to use a meal swipe.

What's new with Meal Exchanges this year?

Exchange Meal Plan Swipes at Vista Market, FitBites, and Elements Coffee & Tea. (*Excludes unlimited meal plans.)

Are the All-Access and Unlimited Plans eligible for the Meal Exchange Program?

No, these plans are limited for use exclusively at Centerpointe Dining Commons.

What dining options do I have if my meal plan is not eligible for the Meal Exchange during hours in which Centerpointe is closed?

Plan ahead! All residents are provided with a reusable to-go container for takeout at Centerpointe to eat later, or use your Dining Dollars at any one of our 27 locations.

Who can I contact to provide feedback?

For any questions or concerns please contact Dining Services at:

How do I change my meal plan?

Contact University Housing Services. You have 2 weeks after move-in to change your meal plan.

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