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Eat Well at Cal Poly Pomona

Eat Well

Our mission is to provide dining options on campus that meet the nutritional needs of students. CPP Dining understands that everyone has different needs and goals, and Eat Well is here to provide a variety of dining options. Whether your goal may be to gain muscle, lose weight, or gain energy,
CPP Dining has you covered with delicious and accessible options.




Eat Well Program created four options to guide you on your nutritional journey to success:

  • Gains
  • Low Cal
  • Brain Food
  • Foodie


Dining Icons For Easy Identification

The Eat Well Program was created by CPP Dining to assist you with making the best selection for your goals. Icons representing specialty options are prominently displayed across all dining units, so choosing the best food for you is fast and easy!

GAINS consists of high protein options with 18 grams or more of protein. This is ideal for athletes, highly active or have insufficient protein in their diet.

LOW CAL includes items that are under 350 calories per serving. A low calorie meal plan is designed to help people slim down fast and still feel satisfied.

BRAIN FOOD is the ultimate source of antioxidants and healthy fats that can be beneficial to anyone who needs an extra energy boost.



FOODIE is the occasional indulgence. This category contains the food items that you can splurge on during your "cheat" days. This is an acceptable option for those who maintain a healthy diet 80-90% of the time and remain active.








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