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Residential Dining & Meal Plans FAQ

Cal Poly Pomona Dining Services has developed new concepts to offer exceptional dining experiences that support and nourish students throughout their residency at the university. The residential dining facility is customized to each individuals' needs with fresh, wholesome, cooked-from-scratch and prepared-to-order meals. Our team has portrayed a 1-to-1 ratio with residents to ensure that Cal Poly Pomona Dining Services is providing a variety of delicious and accessible options.

How does my meal plan work?

Residents living on campus may choose from the following meal plans:

  • The All-Access Unlimited (unlimited non-transferable access to meals at the residential dining facility plus $250 meal points per semester)
  • The 220 (Block of 220 all-access meal swipes plus $630 meal points per semester)
  • The 180 (Block of 180 all-access meal swipes plus $630 meal points per semester)
  • The 140 (Block of 140 all-access meal swipes plus $630 meal points per semester)

For residents living at the Suites, the following plan is also available:

  • Suites Flex Plan* (Block of 70 all-access meal swipes plus $750 meal points per semester)
    *Meal swipe exchanges are accepted at Vista Market.

What if I moved in mid-term? Do I have to pay for the whole plan?

No worries! We will prorate your plan based on your existing purchases.

What are your hours of service, and what food is available at a given time?

Please visit our website at for the latest information on hours of service. Though there is no limit to how many times you may enter the dining hall on a given day, some of our service platforms may not be available depending on the time of day.

Can students take food “to go?”

As a part of our Broncos-On-The-Go program, all new residents are given a reusable microwavable “to go” box upon move-in. This program helps eliminate the use of single-use to-go containers. Bring in your used box when you are done, and we will replace it with a clean one! 

Lose your box? Boxes are available for purchase at the entrance of the dining hall. If the container breaks, bring it back to the Dining Commons, and we will provide you with a replacement.

Can I bring in my own reusable container?

Health regulations prohibit restaurants and other food vendors from handling or serving food in a customer’s personal container. Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Dining Services has collaborated with Whirley-DrinkWorks! to provide reusable containers and adequately sanitized commercial dishwashers to provide clean containers to the campus community.

What is the process of ordering food through the dining hall during COVID-19?

To promote contactless payment, food orders must be placed through Campus Grubhub. You will be able to connect your meal plan to use at select dining locations on campus! You can download the app in the App Store of your mobile device or visit

Where can I use my meal plan?

You can order food through Grubhub for pickup at Centerpointe Dining Commons, Vista Market, Innovation Brew Works and Jones Coffee @ Lollicup (located at Centerpointe).

Centerpointe Dining Commons (Meal Swipes/Meal Points Accepted) - Centerpointe offers a variety of delicious and nutritious food options that are updated daily on the Grubhub app. Whether you have a food allergy or follow a vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free lifestyle, Centerpointe can provide you with a meal option. For a full list of nutritional information, visit

Jones Coffee @ Lollicup (Meal Points Accepted) - Jones Coffee offers a variety of snacks and beverages, including coffee from Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena, CA. Jones provides a premium selection of sustainable coffee products for all of your caffeine needs.

Vista Market (Meal Swipes/Meal Points Accepted) - A fully stocked, one-stop-shop, neighborhood store that offers personal items, grab-and-go items and staples needed to prepare home-cooked meals. Every day, every palate, every need, Vista Market has you covered!

Innovation Brew Works (Meal Points Accepted) - An award-winning restaurant that serves handcrafted pizzas made-to-order, appetizers, sandwiches and craft sodas.

Can I dine-in anywhere on campus?

Dining in may or may not be allowed depending on the current safety regulations regarding COVID-19. Dining Services will provide updates on and @cppdining on Facebook and Instagram.

What are Meal Swipes?

Meal Swipes are used only for dining at our residential dining facility. Suites Flex Plan members are allowed to “exchange” a meal for cash value at Vista Market.

How many Meal Swipes can I use in one day?

You may use as many Meal Swipes as you please per day at the residential dining facility. Suites Flex Plans are limited to one exchange per day, and all plans are limited to one “to go” meal.

I am on a Suites Flex Plan. What are "exchanges," and where can I use them?

A Meal Swipe exchange is an enhancement to the Suites Flex Plan meal plan that allows Suites residents to use their Meal Swipes at Vista Market.

A Meal Exchange has a dollar value of $7.00 at Vista Market. You may use your meal points, cash, or Bronco Bucks if your purchase exceeds this limit. Please note that no change will be given if your purchase is under $7.00.

What is the difference between Meal Points and Bronco Bucks?

Meal Points
Meal Points are similar to a prepaid debit card and can be used at any food venue on campus. One Meal Point is equivalent to one US dollar. Meal Points are included with the mandatory Residential Suites Flex Plan, All Access Unlimited Plan, and 220, 180, 140 block plans for the residence halls. These plans generally come bundled with your housing contract. Meal Points are for food purchases only and are not accepted for books, supplies, clothing, movie tickets, printing on campus or any other non-food items. 

Additionally, select vending machines on campus accept Meal Points. Meal Points carry over from the fall to spring semester as long as your University Housing Services account is in good standing. Unused Meal Points expire at the end of the spring semester and are non-refundable.

Bronco Bucks
Using Bronco Bucks is a fast, convenient and cashless way to make purchases on campus. Bronco Bucks work similar to a regular bank debit account, and any student, staff, or faculty member (or parent/guardian) can add Bronco Bucks to their Bronco Access Card (Cal Poly Pomona ID card) without having a meal plan or in addition to a meal plan. You simply deposit money into your account, and these funds may be spent using your Bronco Access Card at any food venue, convenience store, select vending machines, the Bronco Bookstore, computer labs, ASI Box Office and for printing and copying at the library and help desk. Bronco Bucks never expire as long as you are an active student, faculty or staff member, or emeritus. Meal Points cannot be converted into Bronco Bucks. Keep in mind, if you have both Meal Points and Bronco Bucks, be sure to let the cashier know which account you would like to use to make your purchase.

Do my Meal Swipes roll over between semesters?

No, your Meal Swipes do not roll over between semesters. However, Meal Points do!

Can I pay for a friend using my Meal Plan?

You can use your Meal Points to buy food for anyone you wish, including meals at our residential dining facility. However, your Meal Swipes are non-transferrable, meaning only you can dine using this portion of your plan.

When does my Meal Plan refresh with Meal Swipes and Meal Points?

The block Meal Plans replenish at the beginning of each semester. It is important to note that the unused meals do not roll over from semester to semester. Meal Points, however, are replenished at the beginning of each semester and rollover from the fall to the spring semester. Unused points at the end of the spring semester are forfeited.

How do I change my meal plan?

Meal plan change requests are processed through University Housing Services. If you wish to change your meal plan for the following semester, requests can be submitted online via the University Housing Services StudentWeb during the last two weeks of the semester. You may also upgrade your meal plan at any time by contacting University Housing Services at 909-869-3307.

Are dining plans mandatory for first-year students living on campus?

Dining Services and University Housing policies require that all incoming first-year students living on campus have a dining plan for the full academic year. Please review the housing and dining contract carefully before submitting the initial payment registration.

What is the Eat Well program?

Our Eat Well program is a school-wide program that helps meet the nutritional needs of students. We understand that every individual has different needs and goals, and Eat Well provides a variety of dining options. Our convenience stores on campus have revamped some of their products with this program, and premade Eat Well meals are available for purchase at select locations.

Whom can I contact for nutrition-related questions or concerns?

Our Foundation Dining Services nutritionist is available to assist students with dietary restrictions, allergen-specific needs, eating habits, planning goals, balanced diet information, healthy options on campus and more. You can reach our nutritionist at

Are there plant-based options on campus?

Yes, we have recently expanded the plant-based options on campus. Our dining hall and convenience market have plant-based options available daily. For more information about where to find plant-based options on campus, please do not hesitate to speak with our student nutritionist at


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